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New Alamein City

 The New Alamein City is located on the North Coast and is set to be the first of its kind in the area. It is designed to the high standards of what is called a fourth-generation city. New Alamein City North Coast is planned to hold millions of residents, hitting a new milestone for the area. 

It comes with the new concept of an open-to-the-public tourism city on the North Coast, taking a different approach than the private resorts spread across the sea line. 

Aside from its touristic benefits, the New Alamein City also offers an alternative to living in the crowded capital of Cairo, aiming to reduce the residential burden on the shoulders of the city. 

This new coastal city will include several global projects, from business and international trade centers to residential towers and luxurious resorts.

The Size of New Alamein City

  • It is built across 50,000 acres, stretching for 60 km south of the coastal line, with an estimated capacity of over 3 million residents.
  • It is divided into several phases.
  • The first phase is comprised of two main parts, totaling 8,000 acres, and housing 400,000 residents.

New Alamein City Capacity

El Alamein is the first model for the new generation of million cities, which is planned to accommodate more than 3 million people at the end of its first stages.



New Alamein City Location

  • The New Alamein City is located on the North Coast, within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh Governorate.
  • It is stretching for 48 kilometers along the International Alexandria – Matrouh Road.
  • It is divided into three sectors:  
    • International Tourism sector
      • Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Historical or Archaeological sector 
      • Located near the Alamein Cemetery.
    • Urban or Residential sector.
      • Located south of the Alexandria-Matrouh International Road.

City Borders

The borders of New Alamein City stretch from the Wadi El-Natroun Road to El Dabaa.

  • Changes have been made to the International Road Alexandria-Matrouh starting from the 93 km point to the intersection between Wadi El-Natroun and Alamein roads. 
  • The entrance to the New Alamein City was created by the Arab Contractors Osman Ahmed Osman. The road is ready to be used.

Smart City

New Alamein City is considered the first model of the new generation of the millennium cities, the city is located on an area of 50,000 feddans, it is designed to accommodate more than 3,000,000 inhabitants by the end of the First phase and ready to be not only a summer resort only but as a housing unit all over the year as well. It will be iconic city for the Western North Coast after its implementation.

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The International Tourism Sector

It has a 20% construction percentage which includes:

• Hotels area
• City center
• Premium residential area
• Conference center
• Alamein gardens area
• Al-Fanara Port
• Entertainment area
• Private resort
• Cultural center
• Tourism residence area
• Lake residence area
• Exhibition center.

The Archaeological Sector 

• Open museum
• International park
• Entertainment area
• Hotels
• Port services

The Urban Sector

  • Universities
  • Regional services center.

There will be 8 separate platforms overlooking the sea. Each platform will hold a tower piercing 35 meters into the sky, with

  • Commercial and administrative floors
  • Underground parking area close to the residential units.